Alan Langford SEA

Alan Langford SEA

Born in 1952 in Bournemouth, Alan Langford is a freelance artist and illustrator specialising in equestrian subject matter.

He began his artistic career in 1979 working as a full-time illustrator for “Etchmasters” of Alresford Hampshire. Since then he has illustrated history books, encyclopaedias, comics and a number of classic novels published by Penguin publications. Currently he works mainly as an equestrian artist, painting horses and ponies in the open tract of the New Forest or Dartmoor in Devon. His love of riding and horses has aided him in depicting these remarkable animals with empathy, vigour and movement. A fascination for Romany’s and their horse fairs has exerted a powerful influence on his paintings.

He is a full member of the Society of Equestrian Artists.


Winter Dusk, Dartmoor
30ins. X 48ins. - Oil on canvas
©Alan Langford

Stragglers, Northgate
30ins x 40 ins - Oil on canvas
©Alan Langford

New Arrivals, Stow
30ins x 40ins- Oil on canvas
©Alan Langford

High Spirits, Beulieu Road Pony Sales
©Alan Langford

30ins.x 40ins. Oil on canvas
©Alan Langford

Afghanistan, Horsemen of the Apocalypse
16.5ins.x 27ins. - watercolour
©Alan Langford

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