Jennifer Bell SEA

Jennifer Bell SEA

Jennifer has been ‘pony mad’ from the age of four in a non-horsy family, and was forced to turn to drawing in frustration at the lack of ponies.

She gained a degree in Fine Art (sculpture) then bluffed her way into an advertising agency and retrained in graphics and design. She also finally learned to ride properly and qualified as an AI.Freelance since 1986, she has combined writing/illustrating books (mostly equestrian, which continues to be her passion, including 2 books on how to draw horses for J.A.Allen) with painting acclaimed trompe l’oeil and murals in hotels, restaurants, churches and visitor centres, as well as some of the loveliest private houses in the country.

But she’s happy to be commissioned to paint most things, including portraits, and any size… recently she has been painting and exhibiting large scale equestrian canvases as ‘portable’ murals.


The Belvoir Hunt 2014


Joe and Mousie


Royal Applause

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