Michelle McCullagh BA(Hons) SEA

Michelle McCullagh BA(Hons) SEA

Since graduating from Falmouth University in 2008 with a Fine Art degree, Michelle has been successfully establishing herself as a fine artist specialising in animals, particularly horses. From a very young age Michelle has had a close involvement with horses. Since the age of six she was a member of the Pony Club and went on to compete in affiliated eventing after her A levels. She still now hunts when she can.

Michelle’s work focuses on the fastest, most versatile breed of horse , the thoroughbred.  Her work is inspired by her life drawings with their expressive use of minimal lines. Her oil paintings are an attempt to describe movement and form by using contrasting colours where the light catches anatomical flashes of detail.

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Away Together

On Gallops II

Morning Mare and Foal

Jumping Alone

Exercise in Blue

Michelle-MCCullaghAWAY-TOGETHER,-30-x-28-inches,-oil-on-board thumbnail
Michelle-Mc-CullaghOn-Gallops-II,-A6,-pencil thumbnail
Michelle-Mc-CullaghMORNING-MARE-AND-FOAL,-16-x-12-inches,-oil-on-board thumbnail
Michelle-McCullaghJUMPING-ALONE,-16-x-12-inches,-oil-on-canvas thumbnail
Michelle-Mc-CullaghGETTING-AWAY-12-x-14-inches,-oil-on-board thumbnail