Sally Martin SEA

Sally Martin SEA

Sally is a Surrey based painter who specialises in equestrian art. She exhibits nationally and internationally and has gained recognition and awards for her vibrant and expressive interpretations of equestrian scenes.

Sally has won numerous awards and is one of the few artists to have been twice awarded the Society of Equestrian Artists’ Cuneo Medal, their top award for the most meritorious group of work at the summer exhibition in London.


“Inspired by an innate desire to portray the equine form I explore beyond the superficial likeness and strive to capture the fleeting moment when line, light, form and colour conspire in perfect harmony to evoke the spirit and beauty of the horse.


Mud and Sweat
32x32 inch oil over Acrylic on board
©Sally Martin

Lateral Monochrome
42x24inch charcoal & wash on paper
©Sally Martin

In The Pack
32x32inch acrylic on board
©Sally Martin

Grey in Blue and Gold
26x26inch oil on canvas
©Sally Martin

Eye on You - Monochrome
40.5 x 33inch Charcoal,wash & pastel on paper
©Sally Martin

Arena - Monochrome
39.5 x 33.75 inch charcoal & collage on paper
©Sally Martin

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