Susan Taylor

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Susan Taylor is an accomplished, Sussex-based equine and wildlife artist whose work is
inspired by present day conservation and environmental concerns. From her Berwick
studio in the heart of East Sussex, she produces a range of original oil paintings, limited
edition prints, greetings cards and place mats.
Her paintings are shown regularly in solo and group exhibitions at home and thanks to a
series of international commissions, her work can be found across the globe from
Canada to Australia.
Horses have always held a powerful allure for Susan and are a trademark in her body of
work. This strong personal affinity for her subject is demonstrated in her latest collection,
‘The Spirit of the Horse’.
Susan’s desire to paint animals stems from an endless fascination with their very
essence, their majesty and prowess. She strives to portray the life force within, whether
through the movement of a horse in canter or the thoughts behind the eyes of a wild cat
in captivity. However Susan is not restricted to oil paints alone and will undertake work
in other mediums such as watercolour and pastel.
Susan is available to undertake any commissions
Susan Taylor

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