Feedback from Kristine Nason SEA SWA

Kristine Nason is a Full Member of both The Society of Equestrian Artists and The Society of Women Artists. She exhibits with other major art societies in the UK.


She has always been entranced by horses, studying and painting them since childhood, and she understands equine anatomy very well from an artist’s point of view.

Having trained in graphics and business, Kristine worked as an art director in the advertising world before becoming involved in fine art. She ran a fine art publishing company with two London galleries and a world-wide distribution network for its limited-edition prints, but gave this up when her children were little, and returned to fine art painting. Kristine has specialised in equestrian art and portraiture ever since, working on commissioned pieces and gaining recognition for her work in these fields. She has also illustrated several children’s books. She experiments with different media, but majors in watercolour, pencil and charcoal.

Kristine has taught the Drawing Course distance learning programme for the Open College of Arts, and is a Professional Associate with the SAA. She tutors students on a one-to-one basis from her studio, occasionally running workshops and doing demonstrations for art groups.

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