Summer Open Exhibition

The Summer Open Exhibition

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All artwork displayed here is FOR SALE (unless marked NFS – Not For Sale). If you have missed an opportunity to make a purchase at the exhibition but are interested in a particular piece please .
Ready for the Showring
Meadow Haze
Little Horse Study Gold
The South End of a North Bound Horse
Horse Study – Blue
Clash of Four
Shore Walk
Crossing the Moulton Road, Warren Hill
Beyond the Finish Line
Into the Sun
Nip and Buck
Stable Mates
To the Gallops
Green Horse
Grey Hunter
Princess Tansy
Bay Arab
Getting to Grips
Horses Running I
Horses Running II
Starter's Orders
Lunchtime Doze
Grooming II
Peintre Celebre
O Trot
Frankel and Tom Queally
Gwenllian – Study of Arabian Racehorse
A Field of Chestnuts
Morning Light
Rolling Horses
Moody Mares
Percheron Stallion
Japanese Festival Harness
Silver Beauty
Abstract Movement
Cobs, Rosscarbery Fair
Final Instructions
Annie Power at Cheltenham
A Keen Audience
Study of Foal, Woburn Stud
Donkey Foal
Group Hug
Beach-Access for All
Suffolk Punch
Everyone a Winner
Energy 12
Energy 14
Polo Monochrome
Overdrive II
The Fellowship of Mud
Symphony of Speed
Sunlight & Steam, Plumpton
Dusk & Steam, Plumpton
Enjoying the Jump
Taking the Corner
The Landing
Well into Exercise
Snow Patrol
Top of Warren Hill
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Through the Keyhole
Ready Steady Go
The Finish
Pretty Baby
Catch Me If You Can
Standing Proud
Men at Work
Shetlands in the Lane
The Solent Shore
Getting Orders at Warren Hill
En Plein Air Sketch, Chantilly Hill
Eventer ‘Wilpower’
Stable Duties
Chestnut Profile
Top Speed
Spring Fever
Racing Graces
The Yearling at Tattersalls
Finish Line
Clear Round
Longfellow – Lester Piggott & Nijinsky 1979
In the River, Appleby
After the Race, Garnons
Checking Girths, Erw Lon
Low Winter Sun
Returning a Loose Horse, Sandon Park
The Beach at Traeth-Coch, Ynys Mon (Red Wharfe Bay, Anglesey)
Spanish Horse Stepping
Spanish Horse Rearing
Exmoor Scratching Post
Backscratching, Exmoor
Red Dirt

Colin Allbrook HSEA RSMA – 'Ready For the Showring' (Oils) £425

Colin Allbrook HSEA RSMA – 'Meadow Haze' (Oils) £825

Guy Allen – 'Little Horse Study Gold' (Etching/Aquatint with gold leaf, 1/ 75) £295

Summer Exhibition Best in Show, highly commended: Guy Allen – 'The South End of a North Bound Horse' (Etching/Aquatint/screen print with gold leaf, 1/75) £695

Guy Allen – 'Horse Study – Blue' (Etching/Aquatint, 1/40) £595

Elizabeth Armstrong ASEA – 'Clash of Four' (Mixed Media) £1,200

Alison Ingrid Ashton (Foley) – 'Secretariat' (Watercolour) £750

SOLD: Peter Bainbridge – 'Shore Walk' (Oil) £450

#SilkSeriesArt 2017 FINALIST Laura Barber-Riley SEA – 'Crossing the Moulton Road, Warren Hill' (Oil) £1,950

Laura Barber-Riley SEA – 'Beyond the Finish Line' (Oil) £390

Julie Barrett – 'Into the Sun' (Oil) £350

Julie Barrett – 'Jigsaw' (Oil) £350

Julie Barrett – 'Nip and Buck' (Pastel) £350

Andrew Barrowman – 'Stable Mates' (Oil) £350

Rodney Bastable – 'Frankel' (Acrylic) £4,200

Rodney Bastable – 'Samarinda' (Acrylic) £2,640

Rodney Bastable – 'To the Gallops' (Acrylic) £660

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Green Horse' (Pastel) £400

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Grey Hunter' (Oil) £525

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Princess Tansy' (Pastel) £400

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Chestnut' (Oil) £595

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Bay Arab' (Oil) £525

Barry Blake – 'Getting to Grips' (Oil) £2,500

Janet Brabazon – 'Horses Running I' (Pastel) £1,050

Janet Brabazon – 'Horses Running II' (Pastel) £1,150

#SilkSeriesArt WINNER and Summer Exhibition Banstead Manor Best Sporting Picture, highly commended: Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Athlete' (Oil, 36x32") £1,100

Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Trio' (Oil) £850

Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Starter’s Orders' (Oil) £1,400

Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Lunchtime Doze' (Oil) £850

Natalie Brooks – 'Grooming II' (Wool/Wire/Wood) £350

Natalie Brooks– 'Dustbath' (Wool/Wire/Wood) £350

M. O. Colatrella – 'Treve' (Oil) £1,100

M. O. Colatrella – 'Peintre Celebre' (Oil) £2,500

M. O. Colatrella – 'O Trot' (Drawing) £350

Emma J Cooper – 'Virgo' (Pen/Watercolour) £350

Juliet Cursham SEA – 'Frankel and Tom Queally' (Bronze) £6,180 (incl VAT)

Gayle Dieudonne – 'Partnership' (Oil) £350

Debbie Dunbar SEA – 'Gwenllian – Study of Arabian Racehorse' (Oil) £350

Nichola Eddery – 'A Field of Chestnuts' (Oil) £2,500

Nichola Eddery – 'Morning Light' (Oil) £2,750

Linda Fowler – 'Rolling Horses' (Clay) £950

Linda Fowler – 'Moody Mares' (Clay) £390

Ann Gascoine – 'Paddy' (Terracotta) £650

Janice Gordon – 'Percheron Stallion' (Oil) £350

Janice Gordon – 'Japanese Festival Harness' (Acrylic) £350

SOLD: Stephanie Greaves – 'Intensity' (Acrylic) £750

Diana Hand – 'Silver Beauty' (Mixed Media) £450

Diana Hand – 'Abstract Movement' (Oil) £450

Sara Hodson SEA – 'Cobs, Rosscarbery Fair' (Oil, 21x21") £700

#SilkSeriesArt FINALIST Sara Hodson SEA – 'Final Instructions' (Oil, 25x25") £1,200

Sara Hodson SEA – 'Splash' (Oil, 31x31") £1,800

Sara Hodson SEA – 'Annie Power at Cheltenham' (Oil, 21x21") £700

Nicola Holdsworth – 'A Keen Audience' (Colour Pencil) £395

Catherine Ingleby – 'Phantegro' (Oil) £3,995

Adele Jackson – 'Study of Foal, Woburn Stud' (Oil) £350

Adele Jackson 'Donkey Foal' (Watercolour) £350

Cathy Jefferies – 'Group Hug' (Acrylic) £350

Nic Kevane – 'Beach-Access for All' (Acrylic) £350

Laura Lees – 'Suffolk Punch' (Oil) £600

Tom Lund-Lack – 'Everyone a Winner' (Oil) £1,550

SOLD: Tom Lund-Lack – 'Energy 12' (Pastel) £470

SOLD: Tom Lund-Lack – 'Energy 14' (Pastel) £470

Sally Martin SEA – 'Polo Monochrome' (Mixed Media, 38x30") £1,450

SOLD: Sally Martin SEA – 'Overdrive II' (Mixed Media) £1,450

2017 Summer Exhibition Banstead Manor Best Sporting Picture, Winner: Sally Martin SEA – 'The Fellowship of Mud' (Oil/Acrylic, 36x36") NFS

Sally Martin SEA – 'Symphony of Speed' (Mixed Media, 38x50") £2,250

Sally Martin SEA – 'Sunlight & Steam, Plumpton' (Oil) £395

Sally Martin SEA – 'Dusk & Steam, Plumpton' (Oil) £395

Michelle McCullagh SEA – 'Enjoying the Jump' (Drawing) £350

Michelle McCullagh SEA – 'Noticed' (Oil) £780

Michelle McCullagh SEA – 'Taking the Corner' (Drawing) £350

Michelle McCullagh SEA – 'The Landing' (Drawing) £350

Michelle McCullagh SEA – 'Well into Exercise' (Oil) £1,200

#SilkSeriesArt FINALIST Summer Exhibition Banstead Manor Best Sporting Picture, runner-up: Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Taghrooda' (Silkscreen) £275

Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Snow Patrol' (Silkscreen) £275

Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Top of Warren Hill' (Silkscreen) £175

SOLD: Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall' (Silkscreen) £275

SOLD: Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Through the Keyhole' (Silkscreen) £175

Glynis Mills HSEA– 'Ready Steady Go' (Silkscreen) £200

Ani Mollereau – 'The Finish' (Bronze) £6,200

Ani Mollereau – 'Woof' (Bronze) £4,100

Beatrice Morel – 'Fidelite' (Watercolour) £1,200

SOLD: 2017 Summer Exhibition Best in Show: Elizabeth Moriarty – 'Trotting' (Soft Groud Etching) £175

SOLD: Elizabeth Moriarty – 'Lunging' (Aquatint) £75

Kristine Nason SEA – 'Pretty Baby' (Pencil, 19x20") £450

Kristine Nason SEA – 'Enchanted' (Pencil, 18x21") £450

Kristine Nason SEA – 'Catch Me If You Can' (Pencil), 18x21" £495

Kristine Nason SEA – 'Frolicking' (Pencil, 18x21") £495

Tom Nicholls – 'Standing Proud' (Slate) NFS

Rebecca O’Dwyer – 'Men at Work' (Charcoal/Gouache) £425

Barry Peckham HSEA – 'Shetlands in the Lane' (Watercolour, 19x12") £295

Barry Peckham HSEA – 'The Solent Shore' (Watercolour, 19x12") £195

James P Power SEA – 'Getting Orders at Warren Hill' (Oil) £800

James P Power SEA – 'En Plein Air Sketch, Chantilly' (Oil) £350

D.May Robertson – 'Eventer ‘Wilpower’' (Bronze, edition 1/5, 19x12") £3,800

Margery Shotton – 'Stable Duties' (Acrylic) £350

Alison Stafford – 'Chestnut Profile' (Oil) £625

Vanessa Stollery – 'Top Speed' (Bronze) £1,400

Vanessa Stollery – 'Spring Fever' (Bronze) £1,300

Nicholas Sulman – 'Racing Graces' (Watercolour) £1,500

Dennis Syrett SEA PPROI RSMA – 'The Yearling at Tattersalls' (Oil) £650

SOLD: Annabel Thornton – 'Finish Line' (Acrylic) £495

Annabel Thornton – 'Clear Round' (Acrylic, 27x26") £695

Summer Exhibition Banstead Manor Best Sporting Picture, runner-up: Brian West – 'Longfellow – Lester Piggott & Nijinsky 1979' (Acrylic) £550

SOLD: Alison Wilson SEA – 'In the River, Appleby' (Oil) £2,200

Alison Wilson SEA – 'After the Race, Garnons' (Oil, 42x31") £1,950

Alison Wilson SEA – 'Checking Girths, Erw Lon' (Oil, 51x39") £3,000

Alison Wilson SEA – 'Low Winter Sun' (Oil, 32x27") £950

Alison Wilson SEA – 'Returning a Loose Horse, Sandon Park' (Oil, 22x18") £550

Alison Wilson SEA – 'The Beach at Traeth-Coch, Ynys Mon (Red Wharfe Bay, Anglesey)' (Oil, 38x29") £1,500

Kate Woodlock ASEA – 'Spanish Horse Stepping' (Bronze) £1,675

Kate Woodlock ASEA – 'Spanish Horse Rearing' (Bronze) £1,675

Sian Wynn SEA – 'Exmoor Scratching Post' (Pastel) £750

Sian Wynn SEA – 'Backscratching, Exmoor' (Pastel) £750

Sian Wynn SEA – 'Red Dirt' (Pastel) £750

Allbrook-Colin-Ready-for-the-showring thumbnail
Allbrook-Colin_Meadow Haze Pub thumbnail
Allen-Guy_The-South-End-of-a-North-Bound-Horse thumbnail
Allen-Guy_Horse-Study-Blue thumbnail
Allen-Guy_Little-Horse-Study-Gold thumbnail
Armstrong-Liz_Clash of Four thumbnail
Ashton-Foley_Alison_Secretariat thumbnail
Bainbridge-Peter_Shore-Walk thumbnail
Barber-Riley-Laura_Crossing-the-Moulton-Road thumbnail
Barber-Riley-Laura_Beyond-the-finish-line thumbnail
Barrett-Julie_Into-the-Sun thumbnail
Barrett-Julie_Jigsaw thumbnail
Barrett-Julie_Nip-and-Buck thumbnail
Barrowman-Andrew_Stable-mates thumbnail
Bastable-Rodney_-Frankel thumbnail
Bastable-Rodney_Samarinda thumbnail
Bastable-Rodney_To-The-Gallops thumbnail
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Bell-Jenny_Grey-Hunter-study thumbnail
Bell-Jennifer_Princess-Tansy thumbnail
Bell-Jennifer_Chestnut thumbnail
Bell-Jennifer_Bay-Arab-study thumbnail
Blake-Barry_Getting-to-grips thumbnail
Brabazon-Janet_Horses-running1 thumbnail
Brabazon-Janet_Horses-running2 thumbnail
Braithwaite-Jane_Athlete thumbnail
Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Trio (oil). thumbnail
Jane Braithwaite ASEA – ‘Starter's Orders’ (oil). thumbnail
Jane Braithwaite ASEA – ‘Lunchtime Doze’ (oil). thumbnail
Brooks-Natalie_Grooming-II thumbnail
Brooks-Natalie_Dustbath thumbnail
Colatrella-Marie-Odile_Treve-2 thumbnail
Colatrella-Marie-Odile_Peintre-célebre thumbnail
Colatrella-Marie-Odile_OTROTennoirBD thumbnail
Cooper-Emma-J_Virgo thumbnail
Cursham-Juliet_Frankel-with-Tom-Queally thumbnail
Dieudonne-Gayle_Partnership thumbnail
Dunbar Debbie_Headstudy-of-Arabian-Racehorse thumbnail
Eddery-Nichola_A-field-of-Chestnuts thumbnail
Eddery-Nichola_Morning-light thumbnail
Fowler-Linda_Rolling-horses thumbnail
Fowler-Linda_Moody-mares thumbnail
Gascoine-Ann_Paddy thumbnail
Gordon-Janice_Percheron-Stallion thumbnail
Gordon-Janice_Japanese-Festival-Harness thumbnail
Greaves-Stephanie_Intensity thumbnail
Hand-Diana_Silver-Beauty thumbnail
Hand-Diana_Abstract-Movement thumbnail
Sara Hodson SEA – 'Cobs, Rosscarbery Fair' (oil). thumbnail
Hodson-Sara_Final-Instructions thumbnail
Hodson-Sara_Splash thumbnail
Hodson-Sara_Annie-Power-at-Cheltenham thumbnail
Holdsworth-Nicola_A-Keen-Audience thumbnail
Ingleby-Catherine_Phantegro thumbnail
Jackson-Adele_Study-of-Foal-Woburn-Stud thumbnail
Jackson-Adele_Study-of-Donkey-Foal thumbnail
Jefferies-Cathy_Group-Hug thumbnail
Kevane-Nic_Beach-Access-for-all thumbnail
Lees-Laura_Suffolk-Punch thumbnail
Lund-Lack-Tom_Everyone-a-winner thumbnail
Lund-Lack-Tom_Energy-12 thumbnail
Lund-Lack-Tom_Energy-14 thumbnail
Martin-Sally_Polo-monochrome thumbnail
Martin-Sally_overdrive-II thumbnail
Martin-Sally_the-fellowship-of-mud thumbnail
Martin-Sally_symphony-of-speed thumbnail
Martin-Sally_Sunlight-steam-Plumpton thumbnail
Martin-Sally_Dusk-steam-Plumpton thumbnail
McCullagh,-Michelle_Enjoying-the-Jump thumbnail
McCullagh-Michelle_Noticed.jpg thumbnail
McCullagh-Michelle_Taking-The-Corner thumbnail
McCullagh-Michelle_The-Landing thumbnail
McCullagh-Michelle_Well-into-Exercise thumbnail
Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Taghrooda' (silkscreen print). thumbnail
Mills-Glynis_Snow-Patrol thumbnail
Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Top of Warren Hill' (silkscreen print). thumbnail
Mills-Glynis_Mirror-Mirror thumbnail
Mills-Glynis_Through-the-Keyhole thumbnail
Mills-Glynis_Ready-Steady-Go thumbnail
Mollereau-Ani_The-Finish thumbnail
Mollereau 1.1 jpg
Morel-Beatrice_Fidelite thumbnail
Moriarty_Elizabeth_trotting thumbnail
Moriarty_Elizabeth_lunging thumbnail
Kristine Nason SEA – 'Pretty Baby' (pencil). thumbnail
Nason-Kristine_Enchanted thumbnail
Nason-Kristine_Catch-Me-if-You-Can thumbnail
Nason-Kristine_Frolicking thumbnail
Nicholls-Tom_Standing-Proud thumbnail
O'Dwyer-Rebecca_Men-At-Work thumbnail
Peckham-Barry_Shetlands-in-the-Lane thumbnail
Peckham-Barry_The-Solent-Shore thumbnail
Power-Jim_Getting-Orders-at-Warren-Hill thumbnail
Power-Jim_En-Plein-Air-Sketch-Chantilly thumbnail
Robertson-D-May_WIlpower2 thumbnail
Robinson-Silvana_HeadStrong_600 thumbnail
Shotton-Margaret_Stable-Duties thumbnail
Stafford-Alison_Chestnut-Profile.jpg thumbnail
Stollery-Vanessa_Top-Speed thumbnail
Stollery, Vanessa 3 Spring-Fever-Vanessa-Stollery.jpg thumbnail
Sulman, Nicholas Radmore Racing Graces DMIS-1-copy-2.jpg thumbnail
Syrett-Dennis_The-Yearling-at-Tattersalls thumbnail
Thornton-Annabel _Finish-Line thumbnail
Thornton-Annabel_Clear-Round thumbnail
West-Brian_Longfellow thumbnail
Alison Wilson SEA – 'In the River, Appleby' (oil on canvas). thumbnail
Wilson-Alison_After-the-Race-Garnons thumbnail
Wilson-Alison_Checking-Girths-Erw-Lon thumbnail
Wilson-Alison_Low-Winter-Sun thumbnail
Wilson-Alison_Returning-a-Loose-Horse-Sandon-Park thumbnail
Wilson-Alison_The-Beach-at-Traeth-coch-Ynys-Môn thumbnail
Woodlock_Kate_Spanish-horse-stepping thumbnail
Woodlock-Kate_Spanish-horse-rearing thumbnail
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Wynn-Sian_2 Backscratching-Exmoor.jpg thumbnail
Wynn-Sian_Red-Dirt thumbnail

The SEA Summer Open Exhibition took place at the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art, Palace House, Newmarket, Suffolk – the ‘home of sporting art’. The exhibition coincides with Europe’s Premier Midsummer Sale at Tattersalls and The Moët & Chandon July Festival at Newmarket Racecourse.

#SummerExhibition Prize Draw

Barry Peckham ROI RSMA HSEA kindly donated his 10×12 inch Oil ‘Pony in Oakley Wood, New Forest’ (below) as the prize.


The main awards are presented at Horse in Art but three awards were made at the Summer Exhibition:

  • The Best in Show AwardAbout the award…
    £500 first prize generously supported by the Society of Equestrian Artists awarded to Elizabeth Moriarty for ‘Trotting’. Highly Commended: Guy Allen – ‘Horse Study – Blue’
  • The Banstead Manor Stud Best Sporting Picture AwardAbout the award…
    £175 plus a day at the races and Banstead Manor Stud as a special guest of Juddmonte Farms for the best sporting picture. Awarded to Sally Martin SEA for ‘The Fellowship of Mud’. Highly Commended: Jane Braithwaite ASEA – ‘Athlete’. Shortlisted: Glynis Mills HSEA – ‘Taghrooda’ and Brian West – ‘Longfellow – Lester Piggott & Nijinksy 1979’
  • #SilkSeriesArt Best Racing Picture by a Female ArtistAbout the award…
    Four finalists were chosen to go forward to a public vote to win a £1,000 commission from Arena Racing Company (ARC)

Pony in Oakley Wood, New ForestBarry Peckham ROI RSMA HSEA – ‘Pony in Oakley Wood, New Forest’ (Oil, 10x12inch)