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Horse in Art 2017

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Porlock Haze
Meadow Haze
Ready for the Showring
The Life Class, Porlock
Barbados Exercise
Summer Living
Arab Filly
At Attention
Dark Horse
Grazing Horse
Resting Horse
Foals Horsing About
Mares and Foals I
Mares and Foals II
Under the Tree
Jane Braithwaite
Past the Rubbing House
Around the Outside, Cartmel Races
Counting Sheep
Ripple, Rock and Roll
The Days of Summer
Two Colts
A Working Partnership
First Lot Warren Hill
In the Paddock
Sunrise Warren Hill
The Gypsy Cob
The Favourite Hound
Burning On
Shoes and Tattoos
At the Races
Aged Mr Prospector
Welsh Cob
Bright – Study of A Hound
Gilded Light
A Gossip at the Ploughing Match
Keen Leaders
Vintage Accommodation
One Last Summer
Fox Exit – Above Newlands
The Bedale – Across the Carriage Drive
Trumpeter Household Cavalry
Quietly Alert
Collecting Hounds, The Quorn
Annie Power at Cheltenham
Cobs, Rosscarbery Fair
Final Instructions
Team Work
Looking Foal
Standing Foal
Blue Dressage I
Blue Dressage II
Polo Monochrome
Symphony of Speed
The Fellowship of Mud
Huntsman's Favourite
Mother's Pride
My Horse, My Horse, My Kingdom For My Horse
Waiting in the Wings
Aran Filly
Catch Me If You Can
Pretty Baby
Holly Horse I
Holly Horse II
None But the Brave
Stepping Up Light
The Wash Down
Forest Stump
Long Shadows
Shetlands in the Lane
The Solent Shore
You Scratch My Back...
Shade Hunter
Autumn Morn With the Beaufort
Light and Shade 'First Lot'
Opening Meet
Eventer ‘Wilpower’
Mother and Son
Across the Hill
After the Race – Exeter
Alongside the Thicket
Hugging the Bend – Wincanton
Oh – Hello!
Sunday Best
Chris Burton & Nobilis 18
Feed Time at the Stud
The Yearling Sales – Tattersalls
Field Sketch – Old Pony II
Clear Round
The Legend
Tail Wind Charlie
All in Hand!
A Christmas Jumper
Fire Glow
Morning at the Gate
Unexpected Visitors
After the Race, Garnons
Checking Girths, Erw Lon
Low Winter Sun
North Staffordshire Crocus
Returning a Loose Horse, Sandon Park
The Beach at Traeth-Coch, Ynys Mon (Red Wharfe Bay, Anglesey)
Feathers Flying
WINNER – The John King Young Artist Award
Runner Up – The John King Young Artist Award
Highly Commended – The John King Young Artist Award
Special Commendation – The John King Young Artist Award

Colin Allbrook HSEA – 'Porlock Haze (Oils, 24x36") £2,500

Colin Allbrook HSEA RSMA – 'Meadow Haze' (Oils) £825

Colin Allbrook HSEA RSMA – 'Ready For the Showring' (Oils) £425

Colin Allbrook HSEA – 'The Life Class, Porlock' (Oils, 36x24") £2,500

SOLD: Peter Bainbridge – 'Barbados Exercise' (22x16") £400

SOLD: Laura Barber-Riley SEA – 'Waiting' (Oil, 21x17") £630

Julie Barrett – 'Summer Living' (Pastels 11x16") £350

Ann Baxter SEA – 'Arab Filly' (Bronze, 1/1, 10x8") £3,600

Ann Baxter SEA – 'At Attention' (Walnut, 1/1, 10x10") £900

Ann Baxter SEA – 'Colt' (Ebony, 1/1, 6x6") £1,300

Ann Baxter SEA – 'Dark Horse' (Ebony, 1/1, 8x9") £1,200

Ann Baxter SEA – 'Grazing Horse' (Beechwood, 1/1, 4x5") £400

Ann Baxter SEA – 'Resting Horse' (Soapstone, 1/1, 6x5") £400

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Foals Horsing About' (Acrylic) £750

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Mares and Foals I' (Acrylic) £2,250

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Mares and Foals II' (Acrylic) £1,995

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Murdo' (Oils) £495

Jennifer Bell SEA – 'Under the Tree' (Acrylic) £995

#SilkSeriesArt WINNER and Summer Exhibition Banstead Manor Best Sporting Picture, highly commended: Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Athlete' (Oil, 36x32") £1,100

Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Cold Morning' (Oils, 53x33") £850

Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Past the Rubbing House – Middleham High Moor Gallops' (Oils, 31x21") £1,100

Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Around the Outside, Cartmel Races' (Oils, 36x16") £950

Ruth Buchanan SEA – 'Gathering' (Watercolour, 22x47") £1,250

Ruth Buchanan SEA – 'Counting Sheep' (Watercolour, 23x17") £800

Ruth Buchanan SEA – 'Ripple, Rock and Roll' (Watercolour, 23x21") £1,400

Ruth Buchanan SEA – 'Slipstream' (Watercolour, 33x25") £1,700

Clare Eva Burton – 'The Days of Summer' (Oils, 23x36") £3,250

Clare Eva Burton – 'Two Colts' (Oils, 39x39") £3,750

Malcolm Coward HSEA – 'A Working Partnership' (Oils, 27x33") £3,800

Malcolm Coward HSEA – 'First Lot Warren Hill' (Oils, 27x39") £3,800

Malcolm Coward HSEA – 'In the Paddock' (Oils, 19x23") £1,800

Malcolm Coward HSEA – 'Sunrise Warren Hill' (Oils, 17x21") £1,800

Malcolm Coward HSEA – 'The Gypsy Cob' (Oils, 27x27") NFS

Malcolm Coward HSEA – 'Waiting' (Watercolour, 16x18") £750

Juliet Cursham SEA – 'Foxhound' (Bronze, edition 2/9) £2,700

Horse in Art 2017 British Sporting Art Trust Best Sculpture: Juliet Cursham SEA – 'The Favourite Hound' (Bronze, edition 3/9) £3,840

Rebecca De Mendonҫa – 'Burning On' (Pastels, 24x29") £595

Rebecca De Mendonҫa – 'Pessoa' (Pastels, 40x33") £1,200

Rebecca De Mendonҫa – 'Shoes and Tattoos' (Pastels, 34x28") £795

SOLD: Christopher J Dennis – 'At the Races' (Watercolour on Vellum) £375

Christopher J Dennis – 'Aged Mr Prospector' (Watercolour on Vellum) £375

Christopher J Dennis – 'Welsh Cob' (Watercolour on Vellum) £475

2017 Cuneo Medal winner: Debbie Dunbar SEA – 'Bright – Study of A Hound' (Oils, 18x14") £500

2017 Cuneo Medal winner: Debbie Dunbar SEA – 'Gilded Light' (Oils, 18x14") £350

2017 Cuneo Medal winner: Debbie Dunbar SEA – 'A Gossip at the Ploughing Match' (Oils, 18x14") £525

2017 Cuneo Medal winner: Debbie Dunbar SEA – 'Keen Leaders' (Oils, 18x14") £525

SOLD: 2017 Cuneo Medal winner: Debbie Dunbar SEA – 'Vintage Accommodation' (Oils, 18x14") £525

2017 Cuneo Medal winner: Debbie Dunbar SEA – 'One Last Summer' (Oils, 18x14") £650

Robin Furness ASEA – 'Fox Exit – Above Newlands' (Gouache) £595

Robin Furness ASEA – 'The Bedale – Across the Carriage Drive' (Gouache, 29x22") £795

2017 Horse in Art Visitor's Choice: Catherine Hamilton – 'Trumpeter Household Cavalry' (Oils, 39x41") £650

Kirsty Hawkins – 'Quietly Alert' (Pencil, 41x13") £375

Horse in Art 2017 Hounds Magazine Best Hunting Picture: Frederick Haycock ASEA – 'Collecting Hounds, The Quorn' (Oils, 24x18") £5,500

Sara Hodson SEA – 'Annie Power at Cheltenham' (Oil, 21x21") £700

Sara Hodson SEA – 'Cobs, Rosscarbery Fair' (Oil, 21x21") £700

#SilkSeriesArt FINALIST Sara Hodson SEA – 'Final Instructions' (Oil, 25x25") £1,200

Sara Hodson SEA – 'Splash' (Oil, 31x31") £1,800

Nicola Holdsworth – 'Team Work' (Coloured Pencil, 19x16") £450

Emma Macfadyen – 'Looking Foal' (Bronze, 10x10x4", edition 5/10) £900

Emma Macfadyen – 'Standing Foal' (Bronze, 10x10x4", edition 5/10) £900

Sally Martin SEA – 'Blue Dressage I' (Mixed Media, 16x13") £750

Sally Martin SEA – 'Blue Dressage II' (Mixed Media, 18x22") £750

Sally Martin SEA – 'Polo Monochrome' (Mixed Media, 38x30") £1,450

Sally Martin SEA – 'Symphony of Speed' (Mixed Media, 38x50") £2,250

2017 Summer Exhibition Banstead Manor Best Sporting Picture, Winner: Sally Martin SEA – 'The Fellowship of Mud' (Oil/Acrylic, 36x36") NFS

Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Ermintrude' (Silkscreen, 16x16", edition 1/10) £175

Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Glorioso' (Silkscreen, 24x16", edition 1/10) £275

Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Huntsman's Favourite' (Silkscreen, 24x16", edition 1/10) £275

Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Mother's Pride' (Silkscreen, 16x16", edition 1/10) £275

Glynis Mills HSEA – 'My Horse, My Horse, My Kingdom For My Horse' (Silkscreen, 24x16", edition 1/5) £275

Glynis Mills HSEA – 'Waiting in the Wings' (Silkscreen, 24x16", edition 1/10) £275

Kristine Nason SEA – 'Arab Filly' (Pencil, 17x21") £495

Kristine Nason SEA – 'Catch Me If You Can' (Pencil), 18x21" £495

Kristine Nason SEA – 'Enchanted' (Pencil, 18x21") £450

Kristine Nason SEA – 'Frolicking' (Pencil, 18x21") £495

Kristine Nason SEA – 'Pretty Baby' (Pencil, 19x20") £450

Sue Navin ASEA – 'Savannah' (Pencil, 19x19") £420

Sue Navin ASEA – 'Holly Horse I' (Holly, edition 1/1, 10x11x6") £1,200

Sue Navin ASEA – 'Holly Horse II' (Holly, edition 1/1, 9x11x6") £980

John Nicholls – 'None But the Brave' (Oils, 31x26") £1,800

SOLD: Rebecca O'Dwyer – 'Stepping Up Light' (Charcoal, 19x24")

Rebecca O'Dwyer – 'The Wash Down' (Oil, 21x27") £595

Barry Peckham HSEA – 'Forest Stump' (Oils, 12x14") £350

SOLD: Barry Peckham SEA – 'Long Shadows' (Oils, 14x20") £450

Barry Peckham HSEA – 'Shetlands in the Lane' (Watercolour, 19x12") £295

Barry Peckham HSEA – 'The Solent Shore' (Watercolour, 19x12") £195

SOLD: Barry Peckham HSEA – 'You Scratch My Back...' (Oils, 19x12") £275

SOLD: Sorrell Penman – 'Shade Hunter' (Oils, 14x18") £375

Susan Pollard Gillespie – 'Atta-Boy!' (Oils, 15x15") £495

James P Power SEA – 'Autumn Morn With the Beaufort' (Oils, 20x16") £700

James P Power SEA – 'Light and Shade – First Lot' (Oils, 16x12") £550

James P Power SEA – 'Opening Meet' (Oils, 20x16") £550

D.May Robertson – 'Eventer ‘Wilpower’' (Bronze, edition 1/5, 19x12") £3,800

Yasmine Saad – 'Mother and Son' (Pencil, 14x10") £350

Katie Scorgie ASEA – 'Across the Hill' (15x15") £950

Katie Scorgie ASEA – 'After the Race – Exeter' (17x13") £875

Katie Scorgie ASEA – 'Alongside the Thicket' (17x21") £1,100

Katie Scorgie ASEA – 'Hugging the Bend – Wincanton' (21x16") £1,250

Bonny Snowdon – 'Oh – Hello!' (Coloured Pencil, 26x19") NFS

Ann Squire ASEA – 'Sunday Best' (Oils, 16x16") £450

Nicholas Sulman – 'Chris Burton & Nobilis 18' (Watercolour, 45x30") £3,000

Dennis Syrett SEA – 'Feed Time at the Stud' (Oils, 28x25") £3,250

Dennis Syrett SEA – 'The Yearling Sales – Tattersalls' (Oils, 30x26") £3,500

Horse in Art 2017 Robert Fountain Best Original Print: Fiona Thompson – 'Field Sketch – Old Pony II' (Drypoint Etching, 13x13", edition 1/6) £275

Annabel Thornton – 'Clear Round' (Acrylic, 27x26") £695

Horse in Art 2017 Denford Stud Best in Show: Rachel Vynne – 'The Legend' (Oils, 146x95") £8,000

Jonathan Walker – 'Headlong' (Watercolour) £1,200

Jonathan Walker – 'Tail Wind Charlie' (Watercolour) £745

Rosemary Welch SEA – 'All in Hand!' (Oils, 36x30") £850

SOLD: Rosemary Welch SEA – ‘A Christmas Jumper’ (Oils) £1,450

SOLD: Rosemary Welch SEA – ‘Fire Glow’ (Oils, 36x30") £1,875

Horse in Art 2017 The Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Award winner: Rosemary Welch SEA – 'Morning at the Gate' (Oils, 32x30") SOLD

SOLD: Rosemary Welch SEA – 'Unexpected Visitors' (Oils, 32x30") NFS

Alison Wilson SEA – 'After the Race, Garnons' (Oil, 42x31") £1,950

Alison Wilson SEA – 'Checking Girths, Erw Lon' (Oil, 51x39") £3,000

Alison Wilson SEA – 'Low Winter Sun' (Oil, 32x27") £950

Alison Wilson SEA – 'North Staffordshire Crocus' (Oil, 42x33") £2,500

Alison Wilson SEA – 'Returning a Loose Horse, Sandon Park' (Oil, 22x18") £550

Alison Wilson SEA – 'The Beach at Traeth-Coch, Ynys Mon (Red Wharfe Bay, Anglesey)' (Oil, 38x29") £1,500

Sian Wynn SEA – 'Feathers Flying' (Charcoal 19x14") £500

WINNER – The John King Young Artist Award: Cara Mannix, age 13 (Grafton)

Runner Up – The John King Young Artist Award: Sophie Kemble, age 15 (North Norfolk)

Highly Commended – The John King Young Artist Award: Charlotte Judge, age 18 (Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre)

Special Commendation – The John King Young Artist Award: Xakiera Merlin, age 7 (Cambridgeshire Hunt)

Jane Braithwaite ASEA – 'Up for Grabs' (oil). Commissioned by Arena Racing Company for presentation to the winner of The Silk Series 2017. (NFS)

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Allbrook-Colin_Meadow Haze Pub thumbnail
Allbrook-Colin-Ready-for-the-showring thumbnail
Allbrook-Colin-The-life-class-Porlock thumbnail
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Barber-Riley-Laura_Waiting thumbnail
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Coward-Malcolm_In-The-Paddock thumbnail
Coward-Malcolm_Sunrise thumbnail
Coward-Malcolm_The-gipsy-Cob thumbnail
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Cursham-Juliet_The-favourite-Hound thumbnail
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De-Mendonca-Rebecca_Pessoa thumbnail
De-Mendonca-Rebecca_Shoes-and-Tattoos thumbnail
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Dennis-Christopher_Mr-prospector thumbnail
Dennis-Christopher_welsh-cob thumbnail
Dunbar-Debbie_Bright-Study-of-a-Hound2 thumbnail
Dunbar-Debbie_Gilded-Light thumbnail
Dunbar-Debbie_Gossip-at-the-ploughing-match thumbnail
Dunbar-Debbie_Keen-Leaders thumbnail
Dunbar-Debbie_Vintage-Accommodation thumbnail
Dunbar-Debbie-One-Last-Summer thumbnail
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Furness-Robin_The-Bedale-across-the-Carriage-Drive thumbnail
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Haycock-Frederick_Collecting-Hounds-The-Quorn thumbnail
Hodson-Sara_Annie-Power-at-Cheltenham thumbnail
Sara Hodson SEA – 'Cobs, Rosscarbery Fair' (oil). thumbnail
Hodson-Sara_Final-Instructions thumbnail
Hodson-Sara_Splash thumbnail
Holdsworth-Nicola_Team-Work thumbnail
Macfadyen-Emma_looking-foal thumbnail
Macfadyen-Emma_standing-foal thumbnail
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Martin-Sally_BlueDressage_II thumbnail
Martin-Sally_Polo-monochrome thumbnail
Martin-Sally_symphony-of-speed thumbnail
Martin-Sally_the-fellowship-of-mud thumbnail
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Nason-Kristine_Catch-Me-if-You-Can thumbnail
Nason-Kristine_Enchanted thumbnail
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Kristine Nason SEA – 'Pretty Baby' (pencil). thumbnail
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Scorgie-Katie_Alongside-The-Thicket thumbnail
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Wilson-Alison_The-Beach-at-Traeth-coch-Ynys-Môn thumbnail
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Exhibition virtual tour


Welcome to the 38th Annual Open Exhibition of the Society of Equestrian Artists – Horse in Art 2017.

The exhibition runs from 23rd September to 7th October at Sally Mitchell’s Gallery in the Newcastle Arms, Tuxford.

Horse in Art 2017 Awards

  • The Denford Stud Best in Show – About the Award…
    Judged by Robin Start of Denford Stud and awarded to Rachel Vynne for ‘The Legend’. Runner up: Jane Braithwaite ASEA for ‘Athlete’.
  • The Robert Fountain Best Original Print Award
    Judged by Dr Robert Fountain and awarded to Fiona Thomson for ‘Field Sketch – Old Pony II’.
  • The British Sporting Art Trust (BSAT) Best Sculpture AwardAbout the Award…
    Judged by Sir Robin Furness of BSAT and awarded to Juliet Cursham SEA for ‘The Favourite Hound’. Runner up: Anna Baxter SEA for ‘Colt’.
  • The Cuneo MedalAbout the Award…
    Presented on behalf of the Society by Dr Robert Fountain to Debbie Dunbar SEA for ‘Bright – Study of a Hound’, ‘Keen Leaders’, ‘Gilded Light’, ‘A Gossip at the Ploughing Match’, ‘Vintage Accommodation and ‘One Last Summer’.
  • The Sally Mitchell Fine Art Award
    Judged by Sally Mitchell and awarded to Rosemary Welch SEA for ‘Morning at the Gate’.
  • The Hounds Magazine Best Hunting Picture Award
    Judged on behalf of Hounds Magazine by Laura Barber-Riley SEA and awarded to Frederick Haycock ASEA for ‘Collecting Hounds, The Quorn’.
  • The John King Young Artist AwardAbout the Award…
    Judged at the 2017 Pony Club Championships by representatives of the SEA and the Pony Club. Presented by Mary Tuckett, Chairman of The Pony Club, to Cara Mannix, age 13 (Grafton Branch). Special Commendation: Xakiera Merlin, age 7 (Cambridgeshire Hunt). Highly Commended: Charlotte Judge, age 18 (Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre). Runner-Up: Sophie Kemble, age 15 (North Norfolk).

Find out more

Key Dates at a Glance

Sunday July 9
Closing Date for all Entries

REVISED: Sunday July 30
Digital pre-selection results available

Sunday August 20
Handing in Day
from 10.30am to 2.30pm

Friday September 22
Hanging Day

Saturday September 23
Exhibition Opens

Sunday September 24
Official Opening – viewing from 11am
Private View 2pm
Prize Giving 2.30pm

Saturday October 7
Exhibition Closes

Sunday October 8
Collection of unsold work from 11am to 3pm